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Our Advantages for Engineers

"We are passionate experts in specialty alloy spring design and manufacturing for extreme temperatures and corrosive environments"

We highly value the trust you extends to us. We understand and care about your company’s product quality and production line performance.

This is why you can trust us to always receive our products with top quality craftsmanship, always shipped on time; anywhere in the world.

Experience + Care = Customer Satisfaction

Expert manufacturers of Specialty Alloy Springs

Third generation spring makers, we produce only the highest quality springs using specialty alloys such as Inconel, Monel, Elgiloy, Hastelloy, Beryllium Copper, and Titanium. We manufacture right here in the U.S., and the majority of materials we use come from the best wire producers also located in the U.S.


We produce small and large order quantities for inventors, small businesses and large Fortune 500 companies

Complete In-House Capability

We have complete in-house control over the entire manufacturing process, including: coiling, heat treatment, grinding, basic chemical treatments, testing, certifications, and packaging. Product integrity is achieved by controlling the entire process, in-house, from beginning to end.

Superior Attention to Detail

Our team collects your project specifications and revisions, and carefully documents your description of the most critical aspect of the project. We verify your spring design to anticipate potential issues. We manufacture your order using quality materials from proven suppliers and using the latest technology. We test and certify all production and prepare customs documentation and package your order to ensure that you receive the springs you need, on-time, the first time, every time.
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