SAE AS24585 Mil-Spec Compression Springs, Military Standard Compression Springs
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SAE AS24585 Mil-Spec Compression Springs

Optimum Spring stocks and manufactures compression springs in compliance with Military Specification. The military standard code or "MIL-STD", "MIL-SPEC", “MilSpecs" for compression springs for loads below 20 pounds is SAE-AS24585.

SAE AS24585 Catalog by Material and Finish:
Music Wire Music Wire
and Cadmium
Music Wire
and Zinc Coated
Stainless Steel
and Passivated

Please browse our Mil-Spec spring manufacturer catalogs for the dimension and characteristics of compression springs for loads below 20 pounds


Wire, Steel, Music in accordance with ASTM A228. [Learn more...]
Wire, Steel, Corrosion Resisting in accordance with ASTM A580 and ASTM A313. [Learn more...]

Protective coating:

Cadmium plating in accordance with QQ-P-416, Type II, Class 2.
Zinc coating in accordance with ASTM B633, Type II, Fe/Zn5.
Passivation treatment in accordance with QQ-P-35.


Squared and ground.


Outside diameter “OD”:
From To +/-
.120" .240" .005"
.300" .500" .008"
.550" .850" .015"
Ends to be square within 3 degrees with axis. (Grade B of procurement specification)
Spring rate “R” +/- 10%.
Wire diameter “d” in accordance with material specifications.
Deflection “F” +/- 10%.


All dimensions are in inches.

Part Number:

The MS part number consists of the MS number, plus the dash number. Example: . SAE AS24585-1.


  1. The Part Identification Number (PIN) for MS24585D and the part number for SAE-AS24585 are identical.
  2. Free length “L”, active coils “N”, and deflection per coil “F” are for reference use only.
  3. Load “P” must be attained at a compressed length determined by subtracting deflection “F” (with tolerance) from the free length “L”. For corrosion-resisting steel multiply “P” by .833.
  4. Spring values shown are for music wire and are based on a service life of 50,000 cycles at .50 stress range.
  5. To determine safe working deflection under other operating conditions, or when corrosion-resisting steel is used, multiply “F” by the appropriate factor shown in the table below. P1 = load at assembled length and P2 = final load.
  6. To determine load “P” at any deflection other than “F” multiply the proposed deflection by the rate “R”.
  7. When steel, corrosion-resisting is used the value for rate “R” must be corrected by multiplying “R” by .833.
  8. Music wire springs are not recommended for applications where temperature exceeds 250F. Corrosion-resisting steel springs are not recommended foe applications where temperature exceeds 500F.

Table 1 - Correction Factor for stress range life cycles and spring material

Material (P2-P1)/P2 Cycles
5,000 10,000 50,000 100,000 Infinite
Music Wire .25 1.28 1.23 1.11 1.06 .95
.50 1.23 1.16 1.00 .93 .76
.75 1.21 1.12 .93 .84 .65
1.00 1.17 1.08 .86 .77 .55
Corrosion Resisting Steel .25 .92 .90 .83 .81 .77
.50 .88 .84 .76 .72 .63
.75 .85 .80 .68 .63 .51
1.00 .83 .76 .61 .55 .41

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